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Shower Beer by SNASK

Shower Beer by SNASK


Fancy a beer?… How about for the shower?!

Swedish craft brewery Pang Pang and creative agency Snask have teamed up and designed just that. A 10% ABV beer that you can sip in the shower. Guaranteed to help any night out get started early and as an added bonus it can also be used as a conditioner.

A brilliant concept with an equally brilliant execution, the small 18cl bottle is the perfect size for enjoyment in the shower, made to gulp in four gulps.


‘The beer specifically made to drink in the shower whilst getting ready for the night listening to "Dressed for Success"!’

At first thought, glass bottles in the bathroom seem like a terrible safety hazard. However the brown glass bottles have been screen printed to help provide better grip in the slippery shower situation. Snask suggested ‘the Shower Beer to be seen by being slender, elegant and different’, which they’ve definitely achieved. The big typography, a modified Value Serif, gives this a bold, playful and slightly hipster look. The attention to detail is lovely, with added pink bottle tops to match the attractive millennial colour scheme and they certainly don't scream lads night out with the aesthetically art directed shoot. 


The beer sold out almost instantly when put on the market. The second batch is now on its way and is a must for those pre-night-out showers. You can order them here.

Pontus In The Air!

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